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Alfa Laval Aalborg's Global Business Area ”Industrial boilers” is a supplementary area to the maritime products and activities of the Group and represents about 10% of the Group's business activities.

Aalborg Industries S.A. in Brazil is the South American market leader in design, supply and servicing of three-pass boilers supplying process steam or hot-water for industrial applications.

Aalborg Industries Oy in Finland designs and supplies heat recovery solutions utilizing waste heat from exhaust/flue gases. The main focus is on boiler systems installed after diesel and gas engine plants, supplemented with boiletrs for special installations on a case-to-case basis. The typical heat recovery capacity is 500-20,000 kWth per boiler unit which means substantial savings in the consumption of fossil fuels and a major environmental advantage.

Other supplementary products are thermal fluid heating systems, burners and shell & tube type heat exchangers.

Service and repairs and supply of spare parts is available from the Alfa Laval Aalborg offices in Brazil, Denmark, the Netherlands (Spijkenisse), and Singapore.


Industrial boilers are used for
Supply of hot-water for a variety of processes and purposes including district heating. Supply of steam for various processes such as heating, cooling, cleaning, hygiene, etc.
Waste heat recovery units after diesel and gas engines are unfired (utilize no fuel for burner) and exploit/extract the otherwise wasted heat from the flue gas of the diesel engine or gas engines to produce ”free” energy/heating for the benefit of the environment.


Heat exchangers are used for
Heating, cooling, condensing and tank cleaning.


Main products and competences
Waste heat recovery units/boilers and complete systems after diesel engines and gas engines.
Oil-fired steam and hot-water boilers including burners and control systems.
Heat exchangers of the shell & tube type.
Engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and full After Sales service.


Brand names
MISSION™ (boilers, economizers, heat recovery units, thermal fluid systems and control systems), UNEX™ (boilers and heat recovery steam generators), KB™ burners, GOSFERN™ burners, VESTA™ heat exchangers.


Additional brand names
PIONEER™, UNEX™, ATA™, Aalborg Keystone™, Aalborg Boilers™, etc.


Sales outlets
Oil/gas-fired boilers: Petrópolis/Brazil
Waste heat recovery generators: Rauma/Finland
Thermal fluid systems: Rotterdam/The Netherlands
Heat exchangers: Aalborg/Denmark
After Sales service: Aalborg/Denmark, Petrópolis/Brazil, and Singapore


Engineering centres
Rauma/Finland, Petrópolis/Brazil and Aalborg/Denmark


Boilers and economizers: Aalborg/Denmark, Petrópolis/Brazil

Burners: Petrópolis/Brazil and Aalborg/Denmark
Heat exchangers: Aalborg/Denmark




Waste heat recovery boilers:

rau@aalborg-industries.fi (Rauma/Finland)
Oil-fired boilers, South America:

rio@aalborg-industries.com.br (Petrópolis/Brazil)
Thermal fluid systems:

thermalfluid@aalborg-industries.com (Spijkenisse/The Netherlands)
GOSFERN™ burners:

info@aalborg-industries.com.au (Sydney/Australia)
Heat exchangers:

heaters@aalborg-industries.com (Aalborg/Denmark)

Industrial boiler service, Denmark:

service-land@aalborg-industries.com (Aalborg/Denmark)
Industrial boiler service, Singapore:

fxsin@aalborg-industries.com (Singapore)
Industrial boiler service, Japan:

ukb@aalborg-industries.com (Kobe/Japan)
Industrial boiler service, Brazil:

rio@aalborg-industries.com.br (Petrópolis/Brazil)
Industrial burner service, Denmark:

service-land@aalborg-industries.dk (Odense/Denmark)





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