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Aalborg Industries Oy is the former Pipemasters Ltd, which was acquired by Aalborg Industries A/S on the 1st of July 1997. Pipemasters Ltd was owned by the Finnish shipyard Finnyards Ltd (today Aker Yards Oy). The pipe division of Pipemasters was taken over by the Finnish company YIT Power Ltd.


The original boiler designs of Aalborg Industries Oy are marketed under the trademark UNEX™. The history of the UNEX™ trademark dates back to the mid 1960s when Uusikaupunki Shipyard Ltd started manufacturing marine boilers in Uusikaupunki. Nobody knows exactly what UNEX means, but the story goes that it is short for"Uusikaupunki Nystad EXport" (Nystad means Uusikaupunki in Swedish).


The UNEX™ marine boilers designs at the time of joining the AI Group included:
- auxiliary vertical steam boiler UNEX™ CHB
- auxiliary horizontal steam boiler UNEX™ (N)B
- horizontal and vertical hot-water boiler UNEX™ BH
- combined steam and exhaust gas boiler UNEX™ KH
- exhaust gas steam and hot-water boilers with either finned or plain tubes of types UNEX™ G, UNEX™ P and

  UNEX™ H.


UNEX™ marine boilers have been delivered to most European shipbuilding countries as well as Russia, Ukraine, Singapore and Japan. One of the UNEX™ design's most exotic reference is a sewage treatment plant delivery to the South Pole.


UNEX™ Industrial boilers focuses on heat recovery systems for diesel and gas engines in stationary power plants. Aalborg Industries Oy has delivered/delivers steam and hot-water systems mainly to major engine manufacturers and other turnkey contractors. These systems utilize the otherwise wasted exhaust gas heat for useful energy. Our heat recovery systems have been delivered to over 60 countries all around the world.


Today, Aalborg Industries Oy markets MISSION™ and UNEX™ marine boilers and economizers alike and has merged several Aalborg Industries' product designs into its industrial waste heat recovery programme.


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